Real Estate Marketing Flyers

Increasing the Value of Real Estate Marketing Flyers

Real estate marketing flyers can be a cost-effective marketing tool for generating leads. Are yours producing the results you’re looking for, or falling short of expectations? There are simple changes and improvements you can make that will increase their value to your overall marketing goals.

Real Estate Marketing Flyers That Deliver

Try these often-overlooked tweaks to improve your real estate marketing flyers. They’ll strengthen your message and help increase their value.

Keep It Simple

At any given time, you probably list many different properties. Creating separate, unique flyers for each one can be time consuming and costly. Use a template that covers information that’s unique to each property and each flyer will stand out for the right prospective buyer.

Stay on Point

Instead of sharing everything about a property, stick to the essential details and make them enticing enough so people want to learn more. The most important details:

  • A picture of the property
  • The location
  • The price
  • Key features (number of bedrooms, baths, pool, etc.)
  • Contact information

Make sure all points are easy to find on the page.

Grab Buyers’ Attention

Visuals sell, so make sure you use images and text with colors that are eye-catching.

Encourage Forward Movement

A compelling call-to-action (CTA) is crucial in motivating prospective buyers into picking up your flyer and taking the next step: contacting you. Given a choice, people prefer to opt in to something, not have it sold to them. Learn what makes a compelling CTA and test various versions.

Be Neighborly

Neighbors often pick up a flyer to learn about what homes are going for in their area. At open houses, don’t just hand them a flyer. Talk to them and give them your contact information. They can become one of your most valuable resources for referrals, including themselves!

Real estate marketing flyers can make a great impression. Done right, they give you a significant return and help improve your overall marketing strategy.