Long-Term Mortgage Marketing Plan

Creating a Long-Term Mortgage Marketing Plan

The best mortgage marketing plans have a multi-layered strategy aimed at finding qualified borrowers. Creating a long-term, layered mortgage marketing plan helps you reach qualified leads and strengthen referral relationships. From learning everything you can about client demands to offering the solutions they need, here are ways to get serious about your organization’s mortgage marketing strategy.

Real Estate Agents

They’re often the first point of contact for a home buyer and, thus, a fabulous gateway to those looking for mortgages. Agents typically have one or two lenders they recommend to buyers and building long-term relationships with them can help you keep volume up. Building these relationships takes time, but they can make a world of difference in your performance and success.

Small Details Matter

The little things really do mean a lot to potential borrowers. Ongoing communication is key to reaching and nurturing leads. Every day the competition works to lure your leads away, so concentrate on the basics of good mortgage marketing, including focusing on existing customers. Effective strategies include emails, phone calls, birthday postcards, and other personalized communications that say a lead matters to you as an individual.

Social Media

While phone calls and mailers catch a lead’s attention, using Twitter and Facebook to lead people to your organization’s website is a powerful marketing strategy. LinkedIn isn’t just a B2B platform. It’s made up of individuals, most of whom will need a mortgage at some point. Another long-term strategy could include posting thought leadership pieces to LinkedIn groups and answering mortgage-related questions.


It boosts productivity, simplifies regulatory compliance and leads to more efficient workflows. The most important part of your long-term strategy should be implementing CRM software that helps you manage customer relationships and automate day-to-day marketing efforts.

Using more than one mortgage marketing approach keeps people aware of all the lending services you offer and increases traffic to your website, where you can then use other strategies to continue the engagement process.