Creating a Video Series to Market Real Estate

Creating a video series is a great tool for a real estate agent’s marketing toolbox. It is by far the best way to appeal to the emotional and subjective factors involved with every buying or selling transaction. Like all marketing campaigns, your real estate videos must be well-made, relevant, and valuable to home buyers and sellers.

Creating a Real Estate Video Series

In real estate, an effective video creatively promotes a property, a real estate agent, and/or a real estate company using content that not only draws viewers’ attention, but encourages them to share with family and friends. The best ones are creative, short, and memorable, and it helps if they have some humorous elements. Here’s how to do it:

  • Interview Video Series – Referrals are essential to growth. Video a series of short, testimonial interviews that showcase personal and business success stories. Invite buyers, sellers, and colleagues such as appraisers, inspectors, and lenders, to talk about their experiences working with you. This type of series is particularly helpful in generating new leads.
  • Local Highlights Video Series – Don’t stop at the property; show potential buyers the entire picture, including the immediate neighborhood as well as the local community and amenities. Walk down main street, interview shop and café owners, or even talk to the mayor. Let people see what makes the community special. This series is more about providing a valuable resource to clients, as opposed to promoting your brand.
  • Informational Video Series – The roller-coaster ride known as the housing market can leave buyers and sellers alike wondering about their best move. Help them out by providing housing market update and year-in-review videos.

The advantages to using video series in your marketing for real estate agents strategy are many. From differentiating yourself from the competition, to connecting with leads and clients on a more personalized level, videos can help increase social media engagement, attract more leads, and grow your brand.