small business marketing

2 Effective Ad Writing Tips for Small Business

Small business marketing isn’t an easy task. Around every corner and on every page, you’ve got a competitor. Even if you excel at what you do, getting customers to come to you the first time and return to you over and over again can be difficult.

Writing effective ads for your small business is essential if you want to grow. Use these two effective ad writing tips to help your small business marketing efforts:

1. Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Most consumers don’t have a ton of time to figure out your marketing angle, even if they’re potentially interested in your product or service. The fact is, average consumers are hit with so many advertisements and attempts to sell them something that they can’t see straight.

When creating advertisements for your target demographic, don’t waste time. Get right to the point and explain what you’re offering, why a consumer might want it and how it will add value. Try to tie in the emotion of your consumer.

Doing anything else is just a waste of time: your small business marketing efforts and your potential customers’. Whether you’re doing e-mail marketing or creating ads, conveying a clear message about your product, service, and brand is essential.

2. Include Graphics

Advertisements that are all words on a page don’t do much for most customers in this day and age. Rather than plain ads like this, try using graphics that help illustrate your point when it comes to the how and why of your advertisement.

One of the main benefits of using graphics is that you’ll have visual reinforcement for your written or spoken message. This will help busy consumers who likely didn’t go out of their way to see your ad, understand your message quickly.

Effective small business marketing is difficult and takes a lot of focus on the business owner’s part. Using just these two simple tips should help you see improvement.