Customer Follow-Up Helps Businesses Focus On Their Most Valuable Customers

customer follow-up focus, Halo ProgramsThe strength of your business’ customer follow-up processes is key to its overall success. No matter what type of customer you’re engaging with, be it a new customer, an existing one or a potential lead, customer follow-up can make or break a relationship — and a sale. 

One of the core groups of customers, your existing ones, is particularly critical for ensuring a steady stream of revenue, so the strength of your customer follow-up program for existing customers is paramount. This group of customers will not only represent a higher overall value in terms of repeat business, but those customers are also your best sources for bringing in new business from referrals. So it’s important to keep the lines of communication open.

Halo Programs has developed a proven formula for increasing customer retention rates, with our ConnectionsTM customer retention program. It’s designed to develop a cycle of continuous communication that goes both ways, allowing you to send key product information to your customers, educating them about benefits and features to up-sell and cross-sell, engaging an emotional response and connection and leading to referrals of friends and family.

Here’s how the Connections program works:

  • You choose the program schedule that best fits your goals. Programs run from one to seven years depending on your preferences.
  • Then, select the materials that you’d like to include. Options range from thank you cards, customer satisfaction surveys, letters coupled with questionnaires, greeting cards, e-cards, lead-generating surveys and seasonal mailers.
  • Every touch point is sent out with the appropriate postage-paid response card, or link to an online form for web-based materials, so that your customers can respond with immediate and future needs, concerns, or provide referrals.
  • Integrate your branding on the materials you’ve selected to include your logo, custom designs, and preferred contact information.
  • Appoint someone in your office to send a secure customer data feed to Halo Programs either weekly or monthly.
  • Continue with your normal business activities and receive your daily and monthly reports from the program. Over time the program will become a main source of exclusive leads.

Contact Halo Programs for more information about our customer follow-up programs. Our innovative marketing technology is customizable and personalized to fit your company’s needs, and increase brand equity.

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