The Value Of Marketing Consistency

value of marketing consistency, Halo ProgramsWhen marketing consistency combines with great products and services, you’ve got a recipe for success.

You see, a foundation of consistency will give your marketing strategy more than a fighting chance, and allow the components of your business to seamlessly work together and complement each other. And it can make the entirety of what you have to offer worth more than any one isolated part or component.

Here’s how to achieve the goal of marketing consistency:

  • Use one image – You’ve likely already established a logo, decided on a color combination and designed a website. Unless you plan on strategically overhauling said components, don’t change them — for any reason. Instead, be consistent, and use your color scheme and logo across every marketing piece. Doing so will go a long way toward increasing brand recognition.
  • Consider timing – While marketing consistency matters greatly in terms of visualizing your brand, it also matters when it comes to establishing an ongoing marketing program. Do your research to establish how often and when you will send communication pieces and then follow that customer retention timeline to the letter.
  • Develop a voice – The tone and manner in which you speak to consumers will also reflect on your brand, so marketing consistency should take precedence here, too. It’s okay to use a unique voice here. Just use the same voice once you establish it. Your customers will come to expect a consistent voice in every marketing communication piece that you deliver.
  • Select materials – The final piece in marketing consistency centers on what to send out. Consistency doesn’t mean boring or without meaning, however. So don’t limit yourself to one type of communication piece. It’s more than OK to use a variety of delivery methods and types of media; in fact, it’s desirable. Consistency enters the picture in terms of the design and content of marketing materials that you use. They should complement each other, for instance strategically offering a newsletter opt-in for consumers who don’t take advantage of your original promotion.

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