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Use A Customer Tracking System To Your Advantage

customer tracking system, Halo ProgramsA customer tracking system is the next best thing to sliced bread. Why? It can help you tap into a wealth of sales-revenue potential in your inactive client base, not to mention helping you target the right customers — new leads, existing, active customers, and more — with the right kind of marketing materials.

Inactive customers are a particularly prized group because they already have some kind of connection with your business. So this group can return a higher investment than, say, cold leads or non-qualified leads. With an effective customer tracking system in place, you can identify where the sales cycle fell apart and target inactive customers with your new, upgraded marketing materials.

There are multiple reasons that customers become inactive, including:

  • They forgot about you because of lack of communication
  • No longer needing products or services
  • Price
  • Dissatisfaction with your products or services
  • Dissatisfaction with customer service
  • The buying process is complicated
  • They can’t find you, or you have a low level of exposure

Successful customer relationships are often built on more than just competitive pricing, which is the area where most businesses place their focus. However, most customer relationships falter because of general dissatisfaction with a business.

A customer tracking system can help you identify where to increase your marketing efforts, and which of your customer relationships will benefit most from boosting your brand recognition, increasing your service efforts and informing customers about your product/service benefits.

As you begin to communicate with this segment of your database, you’ll need a customer tracking system that helps you strategize your communications. An effective system should:

  • Identify areas of need or interest.
  • Reveal the time frame in which services or products are needed.
  • Segment daily leads from monthly leads.
  • Identify leads gained from referrals.
  • Give you access to the system around the clock.
  • Let you choose how to view marketing program options, and where each customer is within the sales cycle, and when and how you’ve responded to customers.

Contact Halo Programs to find out how our proven database management system can put a customer tracking system in place. Our marketing programs are comprehensive, customizable and personalized to increase customer retention and lead generation efforts.

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