Customer Satisfaction Surveys — Get Better Response By Sending Thank You Cards

thank you card, Halo ProgramsCustomers generally appreciate the little things you do for them, such as offering birthday discounts and seasonal promotions — and sending out thank you cards.

In an age where technology has delivered convenience and possibilities, the personal touch that thank you cards, in particular, can deliver often means the difference between a repeat sale or a referral and a lost customer. A strategic approach to a thank you card campaign involves combining a customer satisfaction survey.

The right mind-set

Experts agree that personalized greeting cards get a high response rate. In fact, on average, a touchpoint like a greeting card is opened nearly 100 percent of the time. However, even beyond the open rate, a greeting card puts your customer in a unique mind-set:

  • Personalization creates meaningful communication.
  • Customers appreciate the time and effort you take to send the card, the old-fashioned way.
  • Avoiding the rhetoric associated with some direct mail programs further positions your brand and furthers the relationship with customers.

Seize the day

With your customers now in the right mind-set, take advantage of this opportunity by sending a customer satisfaction survey. These are often valuable tools that provide businesses with unique insight into their customers’ minds.

You can glean information about:

  • How your customers buy
  • What motivates them to buy
  • When they buy
  • What their needs are
  • How you can adjust your products and services to meet those needs
  • How your sales staff and customer service staff rate

With such information in hand, the results of a thank you card with survey campaign more than justify its cost. Having access to your ideal customer’s buying patterns, you can then take your business to the next level, increasing growth, improving your products and services and furthering your branding.

Build on a customer satisfaction campaign, and use what you find out from your customers to boost growth. Doing this can give you a distinct edge over your competition, increasing lead generation, customer loyalty and brand awareness. Contact the experts at Halo Programs today to ask about our customer satisfaction surveys and cross-media marketing programs.

Thank you card image via Shutterstock