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Use Database Marketing To Reach Out To Past Customers

database marketing, Halo Programs Have you ever sat down and given your business’ database marketing approach a good once-over? If the results left you a bit concerned, it might be time to re-evaluate your database marketing plan.

It will not only give you a better idea of where your business stands in terms of branding and lead generation, it will also help to target that ever-valuable existing customer base.

Database management

Simply put, database marketing uses technology to gather customer information and then groups it together in an easy-to-use format, allowing for analysis and measurement so that you can process the data and increase your marketing ROI.

How is this different from traditional databases? Database marketing takes a giant leap forward, with the ability to maintain huge amounts of customer data, allowing businesses to access it via sophisticated reports and data merges.


With database marketing, you can identify those customers who did business with you in the past, perhaps segmenting them into groups according to their demographics to suit your current marketing campaign. Then you can reintroduce your brand to this customer pool. Doing so helps to establish new streams of communication, building customer loyalty again, to generate leads, procure referrals and then ultimately up sell and cross sell your products.

History in the making

Database marketing has really evolved out of changes in the market because:

  • Relationship marketing has now taken center stage.
  • It costs less to use sophisticated database technology than it used to.
  • It costs more to do marketing overall.
  • Businesses have seen an explosion of shopping methods, whether they’re via the Web or mobile devices, as well as new means to procure payments.
  • Businesses need to measure marketing efforts in a tighter economy and more competitive market.

If you’re unsure of the effectiveness of your existing database marketing plan, or you’ve never implemented a strategic approach to database marketing, contact the experts at Halo Programs today. Our complete line of turnkey marketing solutions is designed to generate leads, retain customers and increase loyalty. And we’ve been getting proven results since 1973.

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