Customize Your HVAC Marketing Strategy With Outside-the-Box Ideas

Many HVAC companies have found that their marketing strategy, content ideas, sales and customer promotions get more attention and generate more business if they’re built around a theme. One way to come up with some unusual, attention-getting and out-of-the-box ideas is to sync your marketing calendar with national and local holidays, events and celebrations.

Think about filling in your content, editorial and/or marketing calendars with fun and interesting themes, contest ideas or discount events. Just look at what’s going on in the world and community around you. Here are some events and unusual holidays that will catch your customer’s attention when tied in with a sale, ad or promotional discount:

Here are five tips for monitoring, handling and using customer feedback to improve your business and your bottom line:

  • Holidays: National and even obscure or manufactured ones can provide a springboard for content, advertising and social media marketing. Of course, you’ve got Halloween and perhaps Thanksgiving and New Year’s ready-made for promotional themes. You should use these themes as part of your business marketing strategy, but you can get lost in the crowd at these times of year. So look for special days like National Air Conditioning Appreciation Week in August. That one already exists, at least on Google. Don’t forget Groundhog’s Day. Build promotions and sales around these memorable or made-up holidays to bring in more business.
  • Personalized celebrations: Add some of your own company-specific special days onto the calendar, like your company anniversary. You could even add your company mascot’s birthday—and more.
  • Community, sports and non-profit events: Being associated with community spirit and neighborhood pride or worthy charity causes raises your profile while contributing to your community. You could, for instance, give away cupcakes with your logo on top at an appropriate charity event or hand out water at a 5k run. Get permission first and perhaps the event organizer won’t charge you to participate since you’re providing something of value for the crowd of attendees. You could also set up a booth to do a demo or provide consultations or buy a banner ad at a local sports event or parade. Let the event inspire you to think outside-the-box when brainstorming promotional ideas.
  • Customer appreciation days: These popular customer-centered events can be combined with any of the other themes and occasions mentioned here. They can also be done on their own, as a separate event in a month when you’re lacking other holidays on your calendar.
  • Small business events: Recognizing the large role that small business plays in our economy has been a trend over the past few years, thankfully. As a result, certain days have been carved out to highlight small business nationally, like Small Business Saturday. Instigated by American Express to help local small business retailers get noticed, it’s like the Black Friday for small retailers and it takes place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year. Cyber Monday is a great theme that just begs for a special HVAC coupon or discount. The federal Small Business Administration has inaugurated National Small Business Week as a nationwide movement. Use this week to show your small business pride and encourage local residents to support your business.

Use these ideas as a springboard for your own and fill your year with fruitful marketing opportunities. Prepare for and announce each event with advance mailers highlighting special days, offering discounts for work completed, purchased or scheduled at that time. Don’t wait for customers to come to you. Reach out to prospects and existing customers in these creative ways. It’s an effective and fun way to enhance your marketing strategy and bring in new business.

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