Marketing Home Performance and Plumbing to Existing HVAC Customers

Home-performance contracting (HPC) and plumbing services are natural upsells or cross sells for marketing existing customers in your HVAC database. Reach out to them through email, social media (Tweet a discount coupon, perhaps) or ask technicians to offer the services while in the home on other business. Both services are genuinely interesting to customers, so it’s a good idea to make them aware of what you offer, even if they don’t buy immediately. Eventually your client will need plumbing services or become curious about a home energy audit, and if you’ve prepared the way they’ll call on your company.

Use Multi-Channel Communication to Tout HPC and Plumbing Services
HPC is a trend that consumers are aware of through the promotions of utility companies and specialized HPC-only “weatherization,” insulation or home energy audit business models. Don’t let competitors get ahead in something that is a natural extension of your own services to your established database of customers.

  • Devote an HVAC eNewsletter to the subject(s) and send targeted emails during slow season when marketing existing customers.
  • Time things just right to take advantage of utility or government ad campaigns on the subject, like the Home Performance with Energy Star program or a state program. (Most states have them.)
  • Consider postal mail HVAC marketing as an attention-getter. Send a powerful postcard out to grab your current client’s attention and note how much they could save after a home performance audit
  • Your next contact could focus on plumbing. Your existing customers already trust you with the HVAC work in their home, so why should they start researching a new company just for plumbing? Let them know you offer it.
  • Think about a discount for customers who buy into both sides of your business.

Home Performance and Plumbing – Natural Extensions of Your Current Business
HP testing is truly needed by the homeowner when they’re replacing A/C or furnace systems. Chances are, your local competitors have been slow to add this to their product/service offering — and if you offer plumbing you could potentially lock in a big audience in your area — spurring lots of repeat business for your company.

Be Prepared with HPC Training and Certification
For home performance, especially, make sure you’ve got the right trained staff in place to conduct the audits and do the efficiency upgrades.

  • Broaden your employees’ expertise beyond HVAC installation and service.
  • Seek proper accreditation from a nationally recognized home-performance training program to make sure you’re ready on that score. A new ACCA HPC accreditation program is launching at their March conference and online classes should become available soon.
  • Employees should begin considering the whole home as one system, with many components to be up to date with, such as the shell (roof, doors, windows), envelope integrity and airtightness, moisture and humidity control, plus HVAC equipment and/or plumbing infrastructure.

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