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Past Customer Marketing Campaigns — Are You Using All Of The Tools At Your Disposal?

past customer marketing, Halo ProgramsIf your bag of marketing tools doesn’t include past customer marketing, you could be missing out on a productive means of increasing your market share.

Both existing and past customers often hold much more value than new customers — and you’ll spend less overall trying to regain those former customers than you would converting new customers into loyal ones.

The past customers sitting in your database hold an untapped potential for growth and sales conversions. Consider putting them to good use through a past customer marketing campaign that:

  • Starts up a new conversation with your former customers
  • Optimizes the most effective ways to rebuild relationships, with a series of marketing communications that encourage rapport
  • Offers a variety of customizable marketing touch points that boost your brand awareness
  • Uses effective sales copy to generate leads
  • Allows multiple means through which past customers can respond
  • Gives you valuable insight into these past customers’ needs and buying habits
  • Allows you to log valuable data regarding past customers into your database
  • Builds one standard of marketing and sales for your teams to access, further building your brand

Halo Programs has designed some highly effective campaigns to market to past customers, with a series of personalized touch points that can be customized to your business. Choose from our many options, or have us create a program for you:

  • Ecards to your customers every month, utilizing cost-effective email marketing.
  • Past customer birthday cards.
  • One, two and three-year ReConnectTM lead generating mailing programs.
  • Print mailings will include response forms bearing prepaid postage and email campaigns include online response forms.
  • Unique response forms will generate leads, allow for referrals and for you to gain information about your customers’ needs.
  • Our database allows you to easily see customer interactions and respond accordingly. It will also send out daily and monthly alerts, so your team can quickly respond to customers.

Don’t ignore what could be one of your most valuable marketing opportunities. Put a past customer marketing campaign to work for you, and boost customer loyalty and lead generation. Let the experts at Halo Programs help you to implement a past customer campaign, with our unmatched turn-key marketing solutions. Contact us today.

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