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How To Find The Right Marketing Program Provider – One Your Employees Will Get Excited About

When employees feel personally invested in your company, including its mission and marketing program, it can make for a more satisfying, productive experience. But it’s not easy getting your employees revved up. Engaging them in choosing the right marketing program provider from the beginning can make the difference between a program that thrives, and one that falls flat.

According to HR Solutions’ National Normative Database, 52 percent of employees would like to receive information about their company from their supervisors and managers. But only 32 percent of employees actually receive information this way. Here are some suggestions for choosing a marketing program provider that your entire company can get excited about.

  • Your first step in getting employees engaged is to make sure they all understand the company’s mission — not as a platitude they can rattle off, but as a deeply held objective and conviction they can emotionally relate to.
  • After communicating with them clearly, make sure to do a lot of listening. Engaged employees will have ideas, and they’ll be personally invested if they see the organization taking those ideas into account, or even implementing them. You may be surprised at some of the marketing concepts your employees come up with. Don’t write them off.
  • Now when you go to choose a marketing program provider, it can feel like a team effort. Make sure every employee understands his or her role in implementing the new plan.
  • Look for a marketing program provider that provides seamless solutions, with continuity across all outlets. This can promote a sense of community in your company. It can also create uniformity in your campaign. If you’re going to stay relevant, you have to be present across a variety of channels. Without an integrated campaign, your efforts can quickly become disjointed.

Every company needs a clear mission and a defined plan for accomplishing it. But that can be difficult without employee involvement. A congruous campaign that has a similar brand feel across outlets like print, email, social media and mobile applications is both more conducive to a company-wide sense of involvement and unity, and more memorable for your customers.

What’s the hardest part about narrowing down the perfect marketing solutions provider, in your experience?

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