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Turnkey Marketing Tools Need “Reach”

Do you already have turnkey marketing tools designed to provide convenient, comprehensive solutions to marketing and maintaining connections with clients? Hopefully you realize they’re only as effective as their reach.

What do we mean by “reach?” We’re referring to how many potential and existing clients you reach out to, as well as how many ways you reach out to them. The greater your reach, the more effective turnkey marketing tools will be at getting results.

Both you and your clients have unique needs, which is why a cross-media solution is more likely to fit every situation. You don’t have to miss out on direct mail campaigns because you’re investing resources in email marketing. Turnkey tools provide solutions for both. They allow you to:

  • Connect with your customers across a variety of outlets, including email, print, social media and online venues. Focusing on one or two of these areas may absorb a lot of time and resources, and it could mean you’re unintentionally neglecting certain clients. A cross-media solution maximizes your reach.
  • Send monthly e-cards to your customers to keep communications open.
  • Send traditional birthday cards, seasonal greetings and thank you notes.
  • Get feedback from your clients, regardless of which mediums you use to communicate, with easy-to-use online surveys, response forms, and postage-paid paper replies.
  • Manage your entire customer database, including address verification, and make regular updates to keep your data relevant.
  • Connect with clients across traditional and innovative channels, including social media.
  • Maximize client retention with consistent service and communication.

Turnkey marketing tools must be flexible and provide convenient ways for your clients to respond or unsubscribe. No client wants to be inundated with marketing left and right, but they do want to be engaged in an active relationship that lets them know you’re thinking of them and their needs. Turnkey tools make it easy for you to reach out, and for them to provide feedback and learn more about your services or products in whatever way works best for them.

Has anyone figured out the perfect balance of reaching out without being annoying? Please share your thoughts.

Image via Shutterstock.com