Get More Leads by Utilizing Mobile Marketing

The proliferation of mobile computing means there is a staggeringly large number of these devices in use today. Smartphones, tablets, laptop computers–all keep users constantly connected while on the go, and smart marketers recognize how deep this pool of potential leads can be.

mobile marketing
Source: Pixabay

Here are some ways to use mobile marketing for lead generation, and how you can increase your number of mobile marketing leads.

Optimize content for mobile screens: Optimize your content to be effectively read and responded to on the smaller screens of mobile devices as well as larger computer screens. Be direct and concise in your writing; you don’t want to lose attention in the short time a prospect may be looking at your content. Include plenty of links, put headlines in bold text, and test different types of content to see how your readers react.?

Use progressive profiling forms: Progressive profiling forms help relieve some of the frustration of filling out forms on smaller mobile screens. They remember information the user has entered in the past, allowing you to ask for more information each time they visit. This lets you gather the data you need while minimizing user interaction with forms.?

Make your CTAs simple: Create simple calls to action that are easy to understand and respond to. Keep the CTA area simple and uncluttered, with not a lot of extraneous visual elements. Make sure the text is also concise, short, and to the point, with a focus on the action the reader should take next.?

Make your phone number an active link: Turn your phone number into a clickable link for your mobile readers. They already have their phone in their hand, so a clickable phone number link makes it convenient for them to immediately get in touch.?

Stress discounts and customer loyalty: Create loyalty offers for mobile users that can be redeemed only through their mobile devices. These can include promotional codes, discounts, or specials available only when the customer is on-site at your business location.

What else could you do to improve the lead-generation results of your mobile marketing and get more mobile marketing leads?