Spend 20 Minutes a Day Generating Leads from LinkedIn

For today’s social media-savvy professionals, LinkedIn provides an effective online platform for networking, job searching, and staying in touch with colleagues. For marketers, LinkedIn also offers a bounty of leads and potential customers who may respond to their products and services.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Here are some techniques for effective LinkedIn lead generation in only 20 minutes a day.

  • Include a version of your “30-second commercial” in your LinkedIn profile: This commercial, much like an elevator speech, explains how your products and services can address the needs of clients and help them overcome their pain points. Be concise, but make it clear how your offerings can successfully turn a troubled individual into a happy customer whose issues have been resolved.
  • Increase connections: Take some time to add connections to the “People You May Know” list on your LinkedIn page. A broad network of connections gives you a wide range of potential leads and professional contacts. Only connect to people you actually do know; otherwise, you will end up looking desperate for connections and possible a bit deceptive.
  • Follow your current customers: Find and follow the pages of current customers and high-quality prospects you are most interested in. Follow their professional profiles, company websites, and other social media activities.
  • Post regular updates: Add an update to your LinkedIn network every day during the workweek. These updates show up on the feeds of everyone you’re connected with and will help keep your connections aware of you. Do not use these updates for selling, however. Instead, provide links to videos, articles, or other material that would be of interest to your connections and that provides genuine value for your connections.
  • Get into groups: Join LinkedIn groups related to your industry, to your business interests, and to issues that are of concern to your leads and potential customers. Participating in these groups can help you understand more accurately what your leads are looking for and what you can do to turn them into customers.

How else could these tips and LinkedIn lead generation techniques help you find more leads and customers on this widely used professional platform?