Here’s How a Mortgage CRM Can Improve the Quality of Your Lead Generation

It’s impossible for any company to survive without consistent lead generation. Without a steady influx of new and qualified leads, then your mortgage lending business will be unable to grow. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to seamlessly, and autonomously, improve lead generation for your company. With a mortgage-specific CRM software, you’ll be able to use automation to improve your customer retention, provide personalized communications that will help generate testimonials, and help make your loan officer’s jobs easier by automatically sending them qualified leads.

Here are just a few of the (many) ways that a mortgage CRM can improve the quality and actionability of your lead generation:

Automated Marketing

Every good mortgage CRM should come complete with automated marketing features. These tools are a necessary component of quality lead generation, as they help you reach new markets, grow your overall customer base, and perhaps most importantly, retain and nurture your current customers.

Automated outreach programs, like the ones MortgageHalo provides, make it easy for your customers and prospects to engage with your loan officers and vice versa. Here are a few of the automated features your lending officers will have at their disposal with MortgageHalo:

  • Keeping-in-touch campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Survey feedback programs
  • And more

By using MortgageHalo, you’ll be able to keep regular and well-timed communication with your contacts so that you stay fresh in their minds. When they’re ready to do business, they will remember to call you.

Built-In Lead Generation

MortgageHalo can also tap into your contact data and use it to identify potential customers that are listing their home or are in need of a mortgage. Additionally, other automated functions like built-in PURLs (personalized online response forms), interest rate triggers, and refinance notifications will generate the kind of high-quality, receptive leads that will help expand your contact database in meaningful ways.

The built-in lead generation can dramatically increase your company’s visibility, strengthen your connection to customers, and make it easier than ever for your loan officers to reach the right people at the right time.

Consistent Reviews and Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Satisfied customers are one of your business’ most crucial assets. The happier and more loyal your customers are, the easier it will be to generate new and qualified leads who want to build a meaningful business relationship with your company.

With MortgageHalo reputation management service, producing customer referrals can be more streamlined than it’s ever been before. This service can automatically send satisfaction surveys to customers, prompt them to leave online reviews, and share testimonials on their social media. This will further develop your company’s social proof, improve the actionability of your leads, generate valuable testimonials, and ultimately, produce three times more repeat business for your lending institution.

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Mortgage lenders face unique challenges in their quality lead generation efforts. Thankfully, intuitive technology can help guide the way to successful lead generation and growth. If you’re looking for a way to improve the quality of your lead generation, while also retaining the customers you already have, then reach out us to learn more.