Monthly Real Estate Mailers

How to Use Monthly Real Estate Mailers

Mailers are a tried-and-true marketing strategy for Realtors. They’re designed to build awareness and are most effective when done over time. Did you know that the direct mail household response rate of 5.1% is far higher than email (.6%), paid search (.6%), online ads (.2%), and social media (.4%) combined?

Monthly Mailings Get Results

Studies have shown that it takes up to 12 contacts before someone decides to invest in a service or product. A consistent, monthly mail campaign sent to these key targets can help you achieve a steady stream of referrals and clients.

  • Past clients. This one’s easy: they already know you! They’re already happy with the way you helped them navigate a sale or purchase and you’ve built credibility and trust with them. Simple follow-up mailings like anniversary of purchase/sale greetings keep your name top of mind. Let past clients know you’d appreciate their referrals and make yourself available to answer their questions.
  • Cultivate referrals. About half of buyers and sellers say they were referred to their real estate pro by a friend, neighbor, relative, or other professional. Keep them informed through mailings and make sure they’re part of your email campaigns. Don’t overlook local business owners as referral sources. Many of them are the first contact new families or employees moving to the area have. Keep them informed of local real estate news and forecasts and make a point of meeting them in person, either at their place of business or at local networking events.
  • New leads. This group requires patience, but a consistent mailing campaign will eventually pay off. Provide information new leads require such as information on new listings and homes you sold in their area, articles on buying or selling a home, and local mortgage information.

Consistent communication is good for business and the key to getting referrals. Monthly real estate mailers to these three groups can keep your sales pipeline full and bring you clients for years to come. We can help you set up an automated corporate campaign, or you can set up your own campaigns, complete with list generation in our real estate marketing store.