Halo Programs Offers Home Performance Industry Customized Marketing Solutions

home performance marketing solutions, Halo ProgramsFor businesses in the home performance industry, marketing must be customized to meet the unique demands of the heating, cooling and ventilation customers and the industry itself.

Cookie-cutter marketing solutions won’t get you very far, but Halo Programs’ home performance marketing programs will. Over the years, our experts have worked with businesses across the country, and we’ve fine-tuned our customizable programs to directly correspond with the home performance/energy auditing industry.

Our home performance marketing solutions are designed to get results, including:

  • Generate leads
  • Get referrals for energy audits
  • Cross-sell green home upgrades
  • Up-sell green upgrades
  • Acquire new customers
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Measure and evaluate customer satisfaction
  • Increase brand equity and awareness
  • And ultimately grow your home performance business

Halo Programs has three unique programs that help to increase your business’ potential:

Cross-media customer retention campaigns: ConnectionsTM

We use a combination of marketing mediums like print and email to create a conversation between your business and your customers. We’re firm believers in using tried-and-true methods along with effective up-and-coming marketing tools to build consistent communication, giving your customers ample opportunity to voice their needs and wants.

Through the Connections Program, we build a customized series of communication touch points that are sent, typically over five years, creating a bond with your customers and building your brand. The Connections Program is also designed to increase customer retention. Every touch point includes a pre-paid postage response card, or a link to an online response form, so you can gain valuable insight into your customers’ needs and interests, and then use that information to adjust your products and services accordingly.

Customer satisfaction surveys

A highly sought after tool that further helps to gauge your customers’ experience and interaction with your business, customer satisfaction surveys are a proven home performance marketing tool. But we don’t stop there. Our customized programs allow you to measure survey results, so you can ensure that your entire team is on the same page and your branding is consistent.

Prospecting: SurroundMailTM and SurroundMail PlusTM

Promote your home performance services to the neighbors of your recent customers with our SurroundMail Programs. Consumers that live in the same neighborhood typically have similar buying patterns and income levels. Likewise, neighborhoods tend to have homes with similar needs because they are often of the same age and condition. Life expectancies of their plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems are most likely similar. These mailers will generate leads and referrals for your home energy audits.

For more information about home performance marketing, contact Halo Programs. Our comprehensive home performance marketing programs are customizable to fit your company’s needs, and we will personalize all marketing materials to effectively represent your brand, while generating leads and referrals.