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A 3-Step Process For Maximizing Database Marketing

maximizing database marketing, Halo ProgramsEvery business can benefit from database marketing. If you use database marketing as a strong foundation for your business growth, you can expect to maximize your investment in marketing activities, such as customer retention and lead generation.

Below is a three-step process to create and implement a powerful database.

Database marketing is a process whereby you combine all of the information your company has acquired about your past and present customers, as well as other external factors, and put that into one system, so that every team can access key information about your customers and buying-behavior data.

The first step in the process is to develop a database management system. Outsourcing this process can provide key benefits, such as getting technical assistance and the ability to quickly learn the new system. A good database management program should be able to regularly clean your data, as well as organize the data into useful categories, and then maintain the data as you add new customers.

With Halo Programs’ database management services, we’ll start the process by inputting your customer information into our Empower database management system. Then we’ll verify all addresses in your database. Finally, we’ll ensure that your customer information is up to date by running it through the National Change of Address system.

Once you’ve developed an effective, workable database, the next step is to choose your database marketing programs. Lead generation and customer retention are easily achievable through Halo Programs’ unparalleled, customizable campaigns. We use a combination of marketing mediums, such as email and print campaigns, designed to get qualified leads and create customer loyalty.

Finally, once your programs are active, you can take advantage of our proven tracking, measuring and dynamic reports. You’ll be able to:

  • Track customer responses to marketing campaigns.
  • View management summary reports that measure the success of your programs and your staff.
  • Analyze customer reports, including daily lead reports, monthly lead reports, semi-annual customer satisfaction reports, and monthly mailing reports.

Need a company branded database marketing program that works and is specific to your industry? Contact Halo Programs today and find out how our customizable marketing programs will work for you.