contractor customer retention

How to Get the Most out of Marketing to Past Clients

As a business owner, you’re constantly wanting to grow your customer base. Increasing business and bringing in new customers is important, but do you know what is just as important? Getting past clients and customers to come back over and over again.

When you do contract work, many times it seems like a one and done job. However, there are many strategies you can use in your contractor customer retention strategy that can help to bring customers back to you each time they need more work done.

1. Email Marketing

Each time you complete a job and mark the client work as complete in your CRM, you should have an automation campaign set up that sends a thank you email to the customer. This can include a customer satisfaction survey, a referral request and even a request to provide a testimonial if the customer was satisfied. Don’t stop there though, continue crafting a campaign to keep in touch with your valuable customers.

2. Send Out Coupons

Sending out a coupon to past or existing customers to use for their next job with your business is a great way to get clients back in your door. You could do this via email or by sending out coupon postcards to each of the past clients in your log.

3. Cross Media Marketing

A combination of both personalized emails and direct mail is the best type of cross media customer retention program. In addition, including PURLs (personalized URLs) with online landing pages as a way to generate HVAC leads and referrals is recommended.

Tweaking your marketing strategy to include customer retention can actually be much more cost effective than only focusing on bringing in new clientele, so be sure to focus on past clients as well as future.