Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: Strategies For Selling Every Listing

Are you marketing your real estate listings the same way as every other agent in town? If so, you’re not giving yourself the creative edge you need to close more deals. The typical process tends to go something like this: list properties on the MLS, buy ads, hold open houses, and promote properties on your website and social media platforms. It’s time to spread your marketing wings.

Here are three real estate marketing strategies centered on helping you sell more listings more quickly.

1. Customized Virtual Tours

Virtual tours give potential buyers a real-life feel for a property and they’re now commonly used as a real estate marketing strategy. You can make your listings stand out by customizing them with integrated video, music, voiceover, layouts, property flyers, and more. Record room-by-room narration, give an aerial view, and showcase a home’s unique elements.

2. Individual Websites

Effective real estate marketing focuses on two main objectives: selling existing listings and acquiring new ones. One of the best ways to stand out in a crowded market is to use single property real estate websites. What makes a single property website different?

  • It sits on its own unique domain name, usually the property address.
  • It has a photo gallery and high-quality virtual tour.
  • It contains lead generation forms.

Make sure potential buyers are aware they need only type in the property’s address to reach the website and view information.

3. Listings That Sell

Good real estate marketing content jumps off the page, appeals to a buyer’s emotions, and paints an accurate picture of the property. Use words and phrases that add value to your listing. If you lack the necessary skills, it’s worth investing in someone to write it for you. Use a professional 3rd party to customize and print your listing flyers so they look nicer than most others buyers will receive.

Don’t make the mistake of putting a lot of work into getting a listing and then skimping on the marketing. Go the extra mile by utilizing all of today’s real estate marketing tools and you’ll reap the benefits in increased sales, referrals, and repeat business.