How to Grow Your Business Using Pinterest

Much of the social media world is dominated by Facebook and Twitter, but savvy business owners know to look beyond these two for other effective social media platforms. Pinterest is a powerful social media outlet that allows users to promote their interests visually with images, photographs, drawings, infographics, and the like. Here are some ways you can grow your business using Pinterest.

Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business

  • Know your Pinterest tool: Set up a business account on Pinterest if you expect to use it primarily for business purposes. Get familiar with the processes and procedures recommended for using the platform in a business context. Consider adding third-party tools created by outside developers to help you improve the look of your Pinterest page, assess your page’s popularity and reach, and monitor the status of popular pins and boards. Access the Pinterest Goodies page for applications, bookmarks and other tools to make your Pinterest usage more efficient.
  • See where you stand: Use Pinterest’s analytics tools to analyze your statistics. These tools can help you quantify some of the most important elements of marketing with Pinterest, including how many users have been pinning images and other material from your website, and how many people are viewing your pins. Use this information to help you plan your approach to images, visuals and graphics.
  • Stress visuals and images: Pinnable websites are highly visual, so if you want to make your site attractive to Pinterest users, include plenty of relevant images, photographs and other graphics that are creative, attractive and more likely to be pinned.
  • Return the favor: Engage with interested visitors and your customers by returning the favor of pinning their content. Like and comment on pins to create a source of dialogue between you and those who have taken the time to pin, like or comment on your content. Be selective, however, and apply this only to material that’s relevant to your company and what it offers. Random, disjointed pinning and commenting may make you look desperate or unfocused.

How can you grow your business using Pinterest in ways that other social media sites can’t match?

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