Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing: Improving Your Email Responses

Small business marketing is never easy. Whether you’re in a crowded marketplace trying to compete with the big boys, or you just want to continue growing so you don’t start shrinking, e-mail is likely at the fore of your thoughts.

E-mail marketing can be effective, but many business users simply don’t get the responses that they should. Unfortunately, it’s not the system to blame – it’s you and what your company is doing. The good news is that you can fix it.

Use this guide to improve your e-mail responses and small business marketing efforts.

Don’t Forget to Ask Permission

Today’s consumer hates nothing more than a bunch of marketing hype they aren’t interested in from a company they haven’t heard of. In a close second position, they hate being over-sold, even by companies they trust and like.

Before bombarding customers with e-mail as part of your small business marketing campaign, take the time to ask permission. This courtesy will make potential customers see your brand in a much brighter light.

Keep It Short

Nobody has time for a 10,000 word e-mail marketing treatise. Keep your message short and sweet – ideally in a few-hundred words or less to generate more e-mail responses.

Add Images

You’ve heard it before, but images work to grab people’s attention and hold it. When using e-mail marketing, getting potential customers to read your message through attention-grabbing graphics and images is an absolute must.

Small business marketing is never a cinch, and with so much competition in every sector these days, you need to work hard for every lead. With a better e-mail marketing strategy you can begin to increase responses and make sales or build your client portfolio.

Use these simple tips to help you e-mail customers the right way to build your business. They’ll work whether you’re a start-up or a budding Fortune 500 enterprise.