Web to Print

Web-To-Print: 5 Things to Know

Web to print (Web2Print) allows companies to upload their own unique content, review templates, and approve the final print materials without needing to meet face-to-face with the printer. The innovation saves companies time and money on their marketing materials. It helps businesses trim unnecessary spending, get their marketing materials faster, and remain competitive. The following are five things about Web2Print that you should know.

1. You Are in Control

You can easily maintain consistency with all of your print materials by using simple templates throughout every series of print projects. Approval of print projects is convenient and on your schedule. There is no need to submit ideas and wait for samples from the printer before ordering materials.

2. More Personalized Communications

Web to print is the ideal solution for thank you notes to clients and customers, coupon and sale postcards, invitations, flyers, and other correspondence with your customer base. You can easily freshen the look of postcards, coupons, and other promotional mailings to increase the likelihood people will read them and respond.

3. Choose the Size That’s Right for You

You know best what type of marketing material gets results. Simply upload your own design, perfected by your marketing department, and choose the size of mailing you want. If you want to change the look of your marketing, it’s a breeze to do with a web to print solution.

4. Perfect for Small Orders

With a web to print solution, you can create small sets of brand-compliant materials for small segments and specific target groups. The content of your marketing to potential clients should be different than that to existing clients and those who have responded to previous mailings.

5. Allows for More Creativity

For example, individual reps within a company and field staff can create their own cost-effective, branded marketing materials quickly. Managers can retain final approval to ensure core brand elements are retained.