Independent Contractor Marketing: 3 Must-Have Tools To Drive Sales

independent contractor marketing, Halo ProgramsThinking about ramping up your independent contractor marketing efforts? It pays to put some time and effort into strategically marketing your business, and the process is just as high a priority as others like training and customer service. In fact, creating a high demand for your service will only benefit your business — there are no drawbacks, with the exception perhaps simply the cost to implement the strategy.

To get on the fast track to a high-demand, quality contracting service, with customers lining up at your door, put these three tools into your independent contractor marketing plan:

  • Scrub your database – Every successful independent contractor marketing campaign depends on an up-to-date database of customers. So before you begin any new campaign, use database scrubbing to clean up your list and validate contact information. That way, you’ll increase the effectiveness of the campaign, and hit more of your targets.
  • Use cross-media tools – Don’t rely on one avenue to communicate with your customer base; using a cross-media approach can boost return on investment, and increase the likelihood of generating leads, keeping existing customers and cross-selling and up-selling. Make sure your independent contractor marketing toolbox includes print and email marketing, social media tools and a web presence.
  • Customer retention – Experts agree that existing customers form at least part of the foundation of a solid, growing business. More loyal and less price sensitive, existing customers are an untapped source of potential revenue. With customer retention programs fueling your efforts, you’ll increase your sales numbers, get valuable referrals and lead this group to become higher-hanging fruit.

What’s the state of your independent contractor marketing program? If you’d like to talk to an expert at Halo Programs about our 100 percent turnkey marketing solutions for contractors, give us a call today. Through customizable and personalized communications, you’ll establish your brand in a growing industry, and create more distance between your business and your competitors. Wouldn’t it be nice to deal with the problems that come with being a business that’s in high demand?

Image via Shutterstock.com