5 Sales Prospecting Best Practices

sales prospecting, Halo ProgramsSales prospecting, done right, can really boost your business’ bottom line. Whether you engage in a printed marketing campaign, email program or cold calling, a continuous cycle of getting in touch with new prospects is paramount. These five best practices will help to increase the return on investment that you make in sales prospecting.

What is prospecting?

Simply put, sales prospecting is the act of targeting certain consumers and then communicating with them in some form so that they will eventually purchase a product or service from your business. Sounds simple enough, but if your business doesn’t have best practices to follow, your efforts could be falling flat. And without a steady stream of new business coming in, you could be feeling the negative effects of poor sales prospecting.

What are the best practices for prospecting?

Here are five tips to follow to help your business evaluate the success of your sales prospecting program:

  • Do it often and regularly: The actual time you spend on prospecting will vary, depending on how long you’ve been in business and the type of business that you have. But if you devote a period of time to engage new prospects every week, you’ll position yourself for better consistency and results, and reduce the likelihood of a sales slump.
  • Use more than one approach: Cold calling alone will likely not suffice, and some industries aren’t necessarily suited for it — not to mention the fact that some people aren’t cut out for it. A combination of multiple approaches works better, and helps you hedge your bets.
  • Know how to employ each methodology, including everything from email to social media to direct mailers.
  • Make it count: Every communication from telephone greetings to the opening sales copy of prospecting materials is an opportunity to garner a new customer, so make sure your media can capture your audience’s attention.
  • Know your business’ unique selling proposition and make it clear in every communication touch point.

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