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Continuity with Your Customers Part 1: Introduction to Database Marketing

A new online resource has been published to help businesses focus their database marketing efforts for greater efficiency and success.

Continuity with Your Customers Part 1: Introduction to Database Marketing” provides a comprehensive primer on database marketing and what it can do to help your company succeed in a challenging, ever-evolving marketplace.

“Continuity with Your Customers Part 1” helps business owners, marketing specialists, and other business professionals recognize the tremendous potential of database marketing and how it can be used for lead generation,customer retention, and past customer reactivation. It details how a company’s customer database can be a extremely valuable but overlooked resource for boosting profits and improving customer service.

Readers will discover important and useful information such as:

  • The definition of database marketing and how it differs from other forms of marketing.
  • Why you should use database marketing to give yourself an edge and how it can pay off in improved customer service, better customer retention, and increased revenue through more purchases.
  • How to segment a database to determine what your customer base has in common and what characteristics are unique to each customer.
  • How and when to connect with your customers, based on demographics, business needs, stated plans, or other factors that you can identify using your database.
  • How to maintain the most up-to-date contact information possible for each customer, plus what types of data to ask for and information fields to add to the existing database.
  • How to outperform your competition using information and leads generated by your customer database.
  • How to customize and personalize your customer e-mails, direct mailings, telephone contacts, and other interactions.
  • How to narrow your marketing focus to specific niches, types or customers, geographical areas, or other carefully drawn areas where your sales efforts and marketing messages can be fine-tuned for a ready and receptive audience.
  • Where to look within your database for the data that will be most beneficial to your sales and marketing.

Stay tuned for “Continuity with Your Customers Part 2” which will delve deeper into the world of database marketing.

Could database marketing give your company an edge in finding new leads and increasing revenue?

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