Why Lead Generation Should Be Your Company’s Top Priority

lead generation is priority, Halo ProgramsEffective lead generation can turn contacts into repeat customers, but only if it’s done in the right way. Having multiple streams of incoming leads can help boost your bottom line, and drive more qualified leads to your sales team.

The basic premise of an effective lead, generated either through a postal mailing, email communication or website landing page, should include the following factors:

  • Copy that persuades
  • An offer that showcases value, persuading consumers to exchange their contact information or provide a reference
  • A call to action (C2A), which can take on a variety of forms, such as an image or text on your email communication touch point that links to your landing page

The design of your lead-generating tools also matters. In order to maximize the potential for a return on your lead generation marketing campaigns, you should:

  1. Position your C2As wisely. They get a better response rate in email and online forms when they are positioned toward the upper half of the page, as less than 50 percent of responders will scroll down the page.
  2. Strategize a clear but succinct offer, so that consumers know exactly what you’re asking of them, or offering.
  3. Use a mix of clear, high-quality graphics along with your text.
  4. Maintain your brand throughout every communication touch point, ensuring that your color scheme, logo and contact information is consistent from your website to print mailings to email surveys.
  5. A C2A should always link to a landing page when utilizing materials that include hyperlinks.
  6. Keep it simple when you’re developing reply forms. For leads acquired in the beginning of the sales cycle, a name and email address will suffice. For leads garnered later in the cycle, more information can be requested.
  7. Always focus on the benefits of the offer you’re developing, making it clear to the consumer what they will gain from proceeding.

With an effective lead-generation program in place, you’ll increase your company’s potential for sales, and grow the number of high-quality leads that your sales team has to work with.

Is lead generation a top priority? If you’d like to learn more about Halo Programs’ proven lead-generation programs, just give us a call today. In an overall sense, Halo Programs works hard to provide companies with personalized marketing, and we can make sure your company has consistent branding across a wide range of products.

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