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Turnkey Marketing Programs That Score Off The Charts

turnkey marketing programs, Halo ProgramsWhat is a “turnkey solution” anyway? The definition according to investopedia.com is, “A type of system that can be easily implemented into current business processes.” At Halo Programs, we stand apart from other marketing companies as the original provider of turnkey marketing solutions, offering businesses across industries the ability to present a consistent message, build brand awareness, generate leads and increase customer loyalty. 

Successful turnkey marketing programs, should be made up of the following:


Set up your program consistent with your company brand and personalize all the communications with your salesperson’s name and contact information. Give every piece a personal feel to make your customer or prospect feel important, while including a specific call to action or unbeatable special offer.


Email marketing remains one of the more effective means with which businesses can communicate with their customers. By including emails in your turnkey marketing program, you are creating another avenue that will help to generate qualified leads, allow your customers to refer your business, and up sell and cross sell your products and services.


Your customer prospecting program should target like-minded consumers in your existing customers’ geographical area. Market your brand to your satisfied customers’ neighbors to expand your reach and acquire new customers.

Customer retention direct mail

Keeping connected with your existing customers with the goal of building customer loyalty is a cost-effective marketing strategy that will lead to higher sales figures down the road.

At Halo Programs, our marketing solutions include the above features and much more. Our turnkey philosophy lets you “set it and forget it.” We work with you to set up the programs in your company brand, then we do all the work to facilitate your custom program! No matter how busy you get, our turnkey marketing programs will help you stay in touch with your customers so you can concentrate on your current business activities.

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