Managing Centralized Marketing Systems at the Enterprise Level

shutterstock_242852335When it comes to protecting your brand, meeting approval of compliance (if necessary) and maintaining a cohesive image, centralized marketing is the only option. With it, you ensure a consistent message is sent from all locations. The biggest pitfall of centralized marketing systems is that decision makers are often out of touch with people on the front lines of customer service and client interaction. To properly manage centralized marketing systems at the enterprise level you must constantly be mindful of potential areas of weakness in the operation.

Keep all people motivated

For marketing to be effective, all people within the organization must be on board with the campaign and enthusiastic about it. You have to sell a marketing concept to everyone involved in the campaign before it goes live. That does not mean you have to get feedback from everyone, or to try to appease everyone. But you should give people at every level of your organization reasons to feel good about what the company is doing. Some type of incentive or formal recognition system from the people making decisions can help everyone feel they are part of the same team.

Expenditures and accounting

All successful centralized marketing systems have thorough and routine audits and performance evaluations. You do not want to spend one dime on marketing unless you know exactly how much revenue it is going to generate in return. In addition to using the latest available technology for tracking results, you must maintain communication between managers at every level. Centralized management does not always have the best understanding of which expenditures are bringing results and which are falling flat. The best way of managing centralized marketing systems at the enterprise level involves utilizing the knowledge and skill of marketing specialists along with the unique understanding and perspective of people across the entire operation.

Database marketing from the corporate level

The best way to be consistent and get the best results from your database marketing efforts is to facilitate them from an enterprise level. Choosing the right marketing solutions provider to partner with can be a daunting task. For starters, Halo Programs offers a complimentary company database evaluation to determine who your best customers are, recommend how to keep them, and how to find more like them.