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The 6 Marketing Basics That Will Keep Your Firm Relevant in the Ever-Changing Marketplace

Companies in all industries will be more successful if they combine new marketing approaches with well-established marketing basics. Here are six of those marketing basics that you can start applying today.

  1. Concentrate on finding leads and customers: Make finding leads, and converting those leads to customers, a priority. Invest in SEO strategies that will keep your company’s site high in the search engine rankings. Advertise in print and online resources such as industry publications and newspapers.
  2. Maintain contact with your customers: Once you have acquired a customer, keeping in touch should be a priority. Establish and use a customer database. Regular contact via email or direct mail will keep your company in the customer’s awareness. Provide useful information and include cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  3. Do something different: Find something you can do differently than other companies in your industry and highlight it in your marketing. Experiment with low-priced services, introductory offers or bundled services that can be offered at a discount. If you have a charitable cause you support, use that as a unique identifier.
  4. Develop trusting relationships: Focus on one-to-one customer service that will build trust and confidence in your business. Customers will almost always choose a company they know and trust over one they are unfamiliar with. Follow up after the sale and do something surprising, such as sending a Thank You Card.
  5. Get attention: Provide excellent customer experience that will cause people to talk about you. Work to create positive word-of-mouth and referrals to customers’ friends and family. Coordinate article publication and blog postings to maximize exposure and interest. Find a group of trustworthy customers you can use as a focus group to try new services.
  6. Tend to your Website: Recognize the value of your website and keep it updated with fresh content and new information. Include up-to-date information on your services and any specials or incentives you’re offering. Make your site easy to navigate and your contact information easy to find.

If you are experimenting with new marketing tactics, are you also applying the marketing basics with a proven record of success?

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