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5 Big Benefits of Tracking Customer Satisfaction With Well-Crafted Surveys

There are some old truths of business that never lose their relevance, and perhaps the most important of them is “keep your customers satisfied.” One of the easiest ways to find out what keeps your customers happy is to conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys. These types of surveys can help you in the following five important ways.

  1. Identify customer trends: Answers to customer satisfaction surveys can help you identify trends among your customers. By seeing trends, you’ll be able to respond more quickly to anticipated requests or to revise services that have fallen out of favor. Satisfaction trends can also help you identify which of your client satisfaction initiatives have been most successful.
  2. Locate and isolate consistent problems: If a particular problem or complaint is mentioned again and again on your customer satisfaction surveys, you can be reasonably certain it’s an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. On the other hand, repeated compliments can tell you what’s working and what you should continue to focus on.
  3. Increase employee commitment and accountability: If employees know that management takes customer satisfaction surveys seriously, they will be more motivated to provide service that keeps customers happy. Their commitment to service will improve and you will be able to make individual employees more accountable to you and their clients.
  4. Identify customers who may be about to depart: Answers to customer satisfaction surveys can help you identify customers who may be ready to switch to another provider. Use these answers as a springboard to better communication with dissatisfied clients. Make all efforts to resolve problems these clients may have and do your best to make the changes that will convince them to remain your customer.
  5. Develop customer advocates: Some of your most satisfied clients can be cultivated into advocates who will support your company andendorse it willingly. They will talk favorably about you in venues that count, such as social media. When your customer satisfaction surveys identify a customer who could be turned into an advocate, make every effort to cultivate that individual.

What can you do to improve your customer surveys and identify what makes your customers happy?

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