Marketing Campaigns That Help You Reach Prospective Customers

marketing campaigns, Halo ProgramsThe basic principle behind effective marketing campaigns is simple: Find out who needs your products or services, and then market to that “ideal” customer.

Customer prospecting programs, such as Halo Programs’ SurroundMail and SurroundMail Plus Programs, help businesses target the delivery of their marketing campaigns to prospects who are more likely to buy, based on the consumer data of previous and current customers.

If you need to increase your prospective customer base to boost the overall ROI of your marketing campaigns, prospecting the Continuity way might be what you’re looking for.  We are proud of our programs’ above-the-industry-average response rate, and not just because it makes us look good: In the end, it benefits our clients.

Our neighborhood marketing campaigns optimize consumer data to create high-potential lead generation. Generally speaking, consumers living in one particular neighborhood often comprise one demographic model. Developing consumer touchpoints based on those indicators improves the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Here’s how they work:

  • You provide us the “target address” of your recent customer and we mail out your custom branded message to your selected quantity of their neighbors. These neighbors now become your prospects!
  • SurroundMail offers two sizes of full-color postcards from which to choose, printed at the highest quality to represent your brand.
  • SurroundMail Plus is a tri-fold self-mailer that includes a response card for the potential customer, with the postage prepaid.

The best programs allow for personalization, increasing customer response by using individuals’ names, positive testimonials from real neighbors and text and graphic customization that appeals to your target buyer. Halo Programs’ prospecting campaigns allow for complete customization and personalization.

Take advantage of one of the best marketing campaigns available today, and contact Halo Programs. We’re happy to walk you through our marketing solutions details and help you select the right program to boost your company brand, increase your market share and grow profits.

Prospect image via Shutterstock