Marketing Surveys: Build A Strategy That Works Over The Years To Retain Customers

marketing survey, Halo ProgramsMarketing surveys now allow businesses to fine tune their approach to developing a targeted marketing strategy. Gone are the days where best “guesstimates” of customer needs and desires determined best practices.

Today, marketing surveys based on key market research allow businesses to tailor their products and services based on real numbers. A strategy that develops a series of marketing surveys over time, based on customer behavior, improves results and ROI.

Marketing surveys

Sending out one marketing survey can garner a significant return on investment. However, a comprehensive strategy that includes multiple surveys allows businesses to increase their ROI. Segmented surveys allow you to focus on:

  • Customer needs
  • Customer perception of your company
  • Repeat business potential
  • Influential services and products that draw business
  • Sales efforts
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Referrals
  • Testimonials
  • Other factors, such as billing

With the right approach and a finely tuned, customized series of marketing surveys, businesses can garner information they can use to structure future services and product launches.

Marketing survey analysis

Once you develop marketing surveys, you need to be able to analyze and measure their performance. With the right team in place to help you develop surveys, that same team should be able to offer an overview of their results.

Analysis should measure:

  • What customers think of your company, or customer satisfaction
  • The success of various departments within your business, such as the sales team, the marketing team, and geographic teams
  • Your business’s performance compared with that of similar businesses around the country
  • Results in terms of visuals, with graphs that show changes in your performance and growth over time
  • Repeat business
  • Referral rankings

With a means to measure performance, you can be assured that your investment in marketing surveys pays off — again and again. At Halo Programs, we can help position your business for success. Contact us today to find out more about our marketing surveys and our management tools that give you access to customized materials and control over survey development and analysis. We specialize in using unique marketing tools that help businesses improve brand awareness.

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