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7 Marketing Tactics That Can Quickly Become Mistakes if Not Delivered Just Right

Some types of marketing techniques leave little room for error when you use them in your campaigns. Here are seven relatively common marketing tactics that can turn into significant errors if they’re not applied correctly.

  1. Social media marketing: All those pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere need to be used properly. Maintain your social media pages and participation once established. Recognize that you are competing for attention against other interesting and compelling content, so provide something of value in your social media space. Consider using contests to get and keep attention.
  2. Pop-ups: Once a constant of online browsing, the use of pop-ups should be restrained. Use them to provide content or offers of value rather than going straight to a request for email addresses or mailing list subscription.
  3. Surveys: Avoid overwhelming or annoying site visitors with surveys. Never make it necessary to fill out a survey to get to your site’s content. Keep surveys brief and to the point, and offer a reward such as a discount, additional content or something of value for readers who fill them out.
  4. Logins for purchases: Depending on your business, consider allowing your clients to purchase from your site without creating a detailed login, profile or account. Give them the option, but don’t force the issue, otherwise, you’re risking an abandoned sale.
  5. QR codes: Use QR codes sparingly and creatively. Consider the types of clients who would be most interested in QR codes and their applications, and craft marketing tactics that will appeal to that demographic segment. Use QR codes to link to compelling and interesting content.
  6. Email contact: Once you have a client’s contact information, keep in touch via email but do so sparingly. Monthly or weekly emails, depending on your business, appear to be an effective frequency for client communication.
  7. Social media platforms: Concentrate most of your efforts on using the bigger social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Smaller or self-made social media can be used for supplemental work but should not be relied on to support the bulk of your social media activity.

What elements of your marketing tactics should be revised and what should be discarded?

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