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Are Your Inbound Marketing Strategies Paying Off? 5 Metrics to Make That Determination

The more you rely on inbound marketing to produce leads and clients, the more you need to know which elements of these processes are working and what results they’re producing. Relying on the wrong metrics to evaluate inbound marketing performance can leave you embracing statistics that may look impressive but aren’t truly representative of your marketing programs. Here are five inbound marketing metrics that can be very useful in helping you sort out the strategies that are paying off consistently.

  1. Consistent growth in organic traffic: Organic traffic results when potential clients find your website on their own or through a resource that’s not a paid advertisement, direct email or other deliberate promotion. This can include social media, blogs, online content, organic searches, links and referrals. Assess how much of this traffic becomes leads and how many of those leads become clients.
  2. True engagement on social media channels: Social media participation is almost a requirement in today’s marketing environment, but genuine reach and engagement can be elusive. Use reporting and metric identification tools provided by your social mediachannels to determine how many of your social media followers are actually engaging with you by activities such as talking about your social media entries, reposting and sharing links.
  3. Source and type of lead generation: Determine what kinds of content are generating the most leads and where that content is being most effectively used. Use tactics such as creating individual landing pages and tracking codes for each product or service.
  4. Original source of leads: As prospects navigate the pipeline, they can return via many resources, from search results to bookmarked URLs. Use available marketing resources to find out the original inbound marketing source and the percentage of leads created by it.
  5. Revenue forecasting: Use your available inbound marketing metrics to make informed predictions on revenue, client conversion and other important financial statistics. Inbound marketing will be an even more effective tool for business owners and executives who can use it to make credible projections.

How can you refine your inbound marketing tactics to produce better business results?

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