Marketing Tips for Attracting Generation X and Y Home Buyers

May 2013 Issue

Marketing Tips for Attracting Generation X and Y Home Buyers

With Generation X straddling their starter and move-up home years, and Generation Y starting to enter the market, the process of selling houses is changing. Old techniques aren’t working as well, and if you aren’t using intelligently targeted multi-channel marketing, you could be missing out on business from these technologically savvy consumers.

Here are some tips to help you send the right messages in the right way to these new home buyers and turn their ways of doing business into an advantage for you:

  • Build brand online – Generation X and Y don’t want a free calendar from you. They already have them on their smartphones, tablets and computers. They want personalized marketing messages that come to them via e-mail where they can quickly read them and click through for more information, or respond to them online.
  • Images are worth a thousand words – These new home buyers know that “cozy” means tiny and “a weekend warrior’s dream” means that the property should probably be condemned. They want to see pictures and video so they can see the property themselves, unfiltered. The more you present them with compelling images, the more they’ll respond.
  • Time is money – Everyone says it, but with their oversubscribed lives, Gen X and Y live it every day. The more you can present a home as being ready to move into and enjoy, the more interested parties you’ll find. Focus on relevant information, personalized for each client’s interests.
  • Be where they are – Online isn’t just a marketing tool – it’s now the cornerstone of your business. While social networking sites can help, your website should close the client. Make the site attractive, loaded with valuable information and easy to navigate. If you only have the default page that your broker gives you, you’re losing business from Generation X and Y home buyers. According to NAR’s 2012 REALTOR® Technology Survey Report, 89% of all REALTORS® use social media, and 80% use it for their real estate business.
  • Connect the dots – Make sure you are linking to your website, blog, and social media sites on all your e-mail and print media. This allows your prospects to connect with you wherever they want, so you can keep in touch.

Halo Programs specializes in creating lead generation marketing campaigns for both of these demographics. Contact me to learn more about starting to fully leverage the opportunities they present. We can help you stand out from the competition!