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Maximize Sales and Retain Clients With Upselling and Other Thoughtful Techniques

By better serving the clients you already have, you’ll improve your own bottom line while also increasing client satisfaction and retention. Here are some ways to use well-timed upsells and other creative techniques to please and retain clients.

  • Offer upsells that are natural extensions of existing products and services. Carefully consider what your clients are buying from you and determine what else you could logically offer that niche market. For example, a heating and cooling company may offer home energy evaluations, while a pet supply store may expand into grooming, obedience training or pet-sitting.
  • Consider a client’s lifetime value, not just immediate price. A client will be worth more over a lifetime than at a single sale, so look for ways to bring clients back again and again. For example, a gymnastics studio could offer free uniforms or equipment for parents who re-enroll their children year after year. You may find that your revenue and client satisfaction increase if you can defer profit for a time.
  • Communicate regularly and sincerely. Keep in touch with your clients and your name and firm will stay at the top of their awareness. Don’t try to sell at each contact. Provide useful information, offer a free follow-up or just say hello and that you appreciate their business.
  • Time new offers well. Consider what your clients are buying and adjust the timing of new offers to coincide with when they will need more supplies, refresher services or maintenance. Replacement ink cartridges for printers are a common example, but this could also include new air filters for a furnace or air conditioner, a replacement stock of coffee for a coffee maker, or end-of-year tax advice and account maintenance.
  • Offer rewards and incentives for referrals. A happy client will usually be willing to make referrals, but if you add rewards to the process, your happy client’s loyalty and advocacy will be boosted. Use incentives to turn one client into several, and provide all of them with the same superior service. Remind them how much referrals mean to you and provide an easy way for them to recommend their family and friends when the time is right.

What kinds of techniques can you use to benefit and retain clients at the same time?

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