3 Perks Your Client Retention Program Should Offer

client retention program, Halo ProgramsA systematic approach to continuous, assured revenue involves developing a client retention program. By prioritizing communication with your existing customer base, you can be assured that you reap the benefits of having a strong base of loyal, committed customers.

If your business has yet to develop a client retention program, consider the ways you’ll benefit from implementing one:

  • Lower costs – Acquiring new customers takes time — and a lot of money. One of the primary reasons that businesses put a client retention program into place is specifically because it generally costs more for a business to acquire new customers, which requires a heavy investment in marketing materials, advertising, customer education and brand awareness. Once you’ve acquired a customer, and they have gone through the initial steps of your sales cycle, they instantly cost less to keep.
  • Increased revenue – Loyal customers offer businesses multiple perks in terms of revenue. They not only tend to make multiple purchases from your business, but a high level of satisfaction with a business directly correlates to how often a customer will buy from that business. Existing customers are also more prone to buying other products and services from your business, so cross-selling increases. These customers hold more value overall for a business, as the costs to serve the customer decline in terms of communication and support. Overall, the longer a customer buys from your business, the more valuable he or she becomes — and profits from this type of customer increase. And one final perk: A loyal, repeat customer is less sensitive to price.
  • Growth – Satisfied customers are more likely to spread the good word about your business, a low-cost but highly effective way to gain business and increase positive recommendations about your business via the coveted word-of-mouth referral. You must have a system in place to ask your customers for referrals on a regular basis!

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