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Personalized Marketing: Put The Programs That Deliver Into Your Employees’ Hands

Companies are a lot like people: each one has its own personality. How your company’s personality — your brand — is expressed can make or break your business, and your marketing plays a vital role in that expression.

That’s what makes personalized marketing programs so valuable. Personalized programs empower your sales people to care for your customers in ways that are both effective and consistent with your brand.

Let your company’s personality shine
You put a lot of work into defining your unique selling proposition and target market to set your company apart from the competition. To benefit from all that work, though, your marketing systems and messages need to reflect exactly what defines and differentiates you. After all, if your customers can’t define you, they won’t remember you.

Personalized marketing is about more than standing out, though. It’s also about maintaining the consistency you need to build your brand image and equity. Because your brand image is built through every interaction prospects and customers have with your company, a consistent communication style from your sales people is a major factor.

Proven, personalized systems

Personalized marketing starts with gathering your customer data. Only when you know exactly who you’re targeting can you establish a lead generation system that gets results while staying true to your company’s character.

Once you’ve built a base of prospects and customers, you’ll need a system to let your sales team maintain those relationships and reconnect with customers who’ve drifted away. Thank you cards and reminder cards work well here.

Naturally, tracking results is just as important as establishing systems. It’s results that show your sales people where to focus their energy. Beyond tracking hard sales data, running a regular customer satisfaction survey program is one of the most accurate yet simplest ways to monitor your marketing results.

Effective personalized marketing requires finding the right balance between proven systems and the ability to customize those systems. Have you found ways to tailor a proven system to match your company’s image? If so, what kind of results have you seen?

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