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Marketing Tools Should Free Up Your Time — Not Take It Over

You will find no shortage of marketing tools as you create and execute campaigns. However, not every tool is necessarily a good one, or the right one for your needs.

Understand the various marketing tools available to you, then select the ones that make the most sense based on your budget and the time you have to spend.

Developing a good marketing campaign takes time. You have to do the research to understand your target audience, create the marketing messages that are most likely to be effective, determine which method is most likely to reach them and execute the campaign in a way that allows you to track customer responses. While some of these activities will always take a certain amount of resource investment, the right marketing tools can help you save a lot of time:

  • Automatic programs – If you know what customer actions will trigger a response, automate the process as much as possible. Set up an email campaign with auto-responders that guide the customer through as much of the sales process as possible. By the time they interact with your sales team, the customer will already be well informed and hopefully ready to make a purchase.
  • Campaign tracking – You won’t know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t track results. Whether you use direct mail or email, there are ways you can track customer responses and incorporate them into the refinement of your marketing strategy.
  • Reporting tools – There is no doubt that having a lot of data is valuable, but only if you have effective methods for analyzing it. Use reporting tools that allow you to track campaign results over time, analyze lead generation efforts and understand the return on your investment.

When developing a new marketing campaign always ask yourself how it can be automated, how you will track customer responses and which reports you need to analyze results. Make sure you will have all the information you need to refine your marketing messages and improve the next campaign.

What marketing tools do you use to save time?

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