Relationship Marketing Programs That Create Authority, Trust

relationship marketing programs, Halo ProgramsWhile social media are the new hot commodity, particularly in terms of relationship marketing programs, successful businesses know that tried and true methods cannot and should not be sacrificed to fly-by-night up-and-comers. But you shouldn’t ignore the success that social media tools afford, as they can greatly enhance relationship marketing programs that have been traditionally effective.

One example of relationship marketing programs that work — and have worked in the past — is email marketing. Many marketing experts have declared email marketing to be dead, perhaps to merely stir up controversy and direct more traffic to their websites — an interesting strategy, indeed, particularly because that traffic likely signed up for their email lists.

Everyone knows it’s wise to diversify your financial portfolio, and the same principle applies to relationship marketing programs. Put too much of your nest egg into Twitter, and you could see your long-term growth diminish. You might even risk the long-term operation of your business.

Diversifying your marketing portfolio requires a mix of:

  • Website optimization, which clearly and easily encourages consumers to sign up for your email distribution list and directs them to join your social media groups.
  • Print mailings, such as greeting cards that engage customers on special and seasonal occasions, or for promotions. Personalized greeting cards happen to offer one of the highest open rates of all marketing tools. Include customer satisfaction surveys to gather valuable customer feedback.
  • Email marketing, which should ideally combine engaging copy that educates, generates leads and keeps existing customers engaged.
  • Social media, every email campaign you send out should also connect recipients to your social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Use relationship marketing programs that work by combining wildly successful new forms with tested traditional ones. Contact Halo Programs, and ask us how we’ve helped businesses across multiple industries gain a foothold in relationship marketing with our proven turnkey company branded marketing programs.