5 Steps To A Better Systematic Lead Generation Campaign

systematic lead generation with thank you cards, Halo ProgramsThe idea of lead generation can leave even the most successful businesses wondering what really works. But proven methods of generating leads often share similar traits, which can make developing a systematic lead generation plan easier than you might think.

What are the steps involved in a successful lead generation campaign? Evaluate these five tips to develop a powerful campaign:

  • Print mailing methods, which can include personalized thank-you cards or seasonal greeting cards. These materials put your business literally in the hands of potential customers. Every program touch point also includes a return postage-paid response card that solicits a referral or more detailed contact information.
  • Surveys that are designed to gauge your existing customer base, eliciting information about customer satisfaction, which will ultimately allow you to better conform your business to meet the needs of future customers.
  • Email methods can cover a variety of marketing touch points, including e-cards that link to online response forms for referrals and e-alerts that educate customers about your products and services or inform them about upcoming specials or discounts, all of which subtly encourage lead generation.
  • QR codes strategically placed on print mailings that lead potential customers to a landing page or response form.
  • Response tools effectively designed to gain valuable insight into customer buying habits and needs.

Do you see the variation within these systematic lead generation campaign tools? History— and studies — show that using a variety of marketing media in tandem with a strategically developed and systematic program works best.

At Halo Programs, our proven turnkey marketing methodologies are based on decades of experience and backed by marketing research. With all of our programs, you can:

  • Customize materials so that your contact information, logo and visuals are unified across the spectrum.
  • Personalize every communication touch point.
  • Easily implement a program that’s uniquely designed to suit your needs, values and brand.

Why not take advantage of a proven method to boost the ROI on your systematic lead generation campaign? Take the guesswork and trial and error out of the process, and contact Halo Programs for more information.