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Turn Neighborhood Marketing Into Real-Time Prospects

Employing a neighborhood marketing strategy can turn local prospects into paying customers. It makes sense that households with demographic data similar to your existing customer base will be drawn to your business, giving you an edge over competitors with a limited marketing scope. 

Targeting your campaign
The first step in developing a neighborhood marketing program is to select the area — or areas — near your existing customers. Simply using your recent customer addresses as a center point for radius mailings to their neighbors is a great way to start your campaign to potential customers who need and can buy your products and services.

Developing the neighborhood marketing pieces
The type of direct mail piece you use is largely based on the purpose of the campaign, along with other relevant factors. Options could include anything from full-color mailers to postcards, giving your business the opportunity to quickly boost brand awareness. Tailor the design and copy to suit your needs by including:

  • Testimonials from existing satisfied customers
  • Your logo and picture
  • QR codes
  • Contact information
  • Special offers or incentives for first-time customers
  • Your call to action

Getting the assistance you need
Businesses that want to incorporate a neighborhood marketing campaign in their marketing mix may not have the resources to fully develop one. In this case, working with an agency may offer the best of both worlds with:

  • Graphic design services
  • Quality printing services
  • List acquisition
  • Tracking programs
  • Technology to produce custom company branded, personalized copy

One of the primary perks of using a third-party service for neighborhood marketing involves access to powerful data. In fact, this is the engine that will drive results, as defining an acquisition list will give your campaign the drive it needs.

The whole idea of neighborhood marketing can provoke a lot of opinions. What do you think about it?

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