Smart Ways To Market Your Company’s Brand

branding tipsOne word can define perhaps the most important step to ensuring an effective branding strategy: teamwork. Even with a high-quality branding strategy, you’ll be spinning your wheels if everyone in your company isn’t on the same page — and you’ll be wasting time and money. Is your sales team consistent with your company’s brand image?

What is branding?

Simply put, your branding strategy includes specific information about:

  • How you will communicate your message.
  • Who will receive the message.
  • When and where you will deliver it.
  • What materials the plan includes.

Brand development

To develop an effective brand, you need to first know where you’re going. To develop a strong brand, your strategy should include components that will:

  • Inform customers of what you promise, what they can reasonably expect from you (think Starbucks: They will remake your drink if you’re not satisfied, free of charge — it’s a no-risk situation), and how you differ from the competition.
  • Be consistent. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Your business’s credibility is key to its survival.
  • Take a stand. You cannot be all things to all people. Does your company offer high-end, high-cost products? If so, brand your company as such — and resist trying to also brand it as a bargain basement.

Brand value

To succeed, your branding strategy should offer:

  • A personalized program, templates and media.
  • Easy integration across departments.
  • One main message about your company’s brand across media.
  • Follow-up materials that are consistent with your branding message.
  • Control over how the system is set up and the message that your branding program sends, so that you can evaluate and adjust, as well as supervise your teams.

To ensure branding success, you’ll want to utilize a customizable, flexible program that sends one clear message about who you are as a company. Here’s where teamwork is key: You should be using consistent branding materials companywide. And it’s imperative that your sales team is following the same high ROI-proven branded systems.

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