Consistent Customer Communication Equals Lead Generation And Referrals

lead generation, Halo ProgramsIf there were an easy way to refine your lead generation practices to effectively improve conversions, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Halo Programs’ lead generation campaigns provide businesses across more than 20 industries with an effective plan to improve communication with customers and gain valuable referrals.

It’s all with the intent to transform a lackluster lead generation campaign into one that knocks your socks off. And it can boost your ROI well past your expectations.

Good leads do not appear overnight. It takes time to nurture customer relationships. And using cross-media, lead generating campaigns offen proves beneficial.

Cross media marketing

Email marketing puts your database to work. Consistently communicating and building your brand will help to acquire leads, and email is also one of the lowest-cost ways to communicate with consumers. Direct mail continues to be a great vehicle to send out personalized marketing messages.

With email touchpoints that take advantage of seasonal holidays and other opportunities to send “thank you” messages, combined with print mailings, you’ll be able to implement a multi-pronged approach to further communication.

Lead generation

An effective lead generation program should include personalized templates, which allow you to customize materials with your logo, slogan and other marketing content. Consider  including these mechanisms to encourage the most communication from your customers:

  • Pre-paid postage response cards, allowing your customers to easily communicate with you. (Easy to track too!)
  • Customer satisfaction surveys, also delivered with a pre-paid reply envelope
  • Lead generating surveys digging for information about when they will return to the market, delivered with the same pre-paid envelope
  • Effective copy that elicits responses from your customers, giving you valuable insights into their needs
  • Materials that include detailed contact information so that customers can choose from a variety of methods to reply and interact
  • Touchpoints that are sent from your email address, to which customers can reply once they receive the email, which can include special discounts or offers

Using a variety of means through which your business can continually communicate with your customers, both existing and potential, will equate to better lead generation and qualified referrals. With the ability to customize your campaign, you’ll ensure consistent branding across media platforms.

That’s where the experts at Halo Programs come in. Contact us today to find out how our marketing and lead generation programs can help your business. Our turnkey marketing solutions are tested and proven since 1973.

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