Social Media Trend Predictions for 2015

The scope of social media continues to grow worldwide with indications that 2015 will be the biggest year yet for Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and other prominent social media platforms. With some 97 percent of marketers using social media in some capacity, its power and profitability is almost universally recognized in the business world. Here are some social media trends that are expected to influence the industry in 2015.

  • mobile contentMobile social media will grow: Industry trendwatchers expect the use of social media on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers to grow significantly in 2015. This means that marketers should take steps to ensure their social media marketing is mobile-friendly and easily accessed.
  • Companies will continue to embrace cross-media campaigns: Direct mail campaigns will include personalized URLs for online lead generation. Email campaigns will help to drive social media connections and engagement.
  • Content marketing will expand on social media platforms: Outstanding content will continue to attract interest, but more of it will be distributed via social media channels. Continue to invest in content marketing, but understand how it should be presented to a social media audience.
  • Audio and video content will be the most popular: Social media content will focus on audio and video content over text content. Hone your audio and video creation skills to take the best advantage of this well-received form of engagement with customers.
  • Social media will go real time: Real-time social media, in which customers are engaged almost immediately, will become more popular. The expectation for fast responses to comments and questions will mean social media experts and customer service representatives will need to move fast to maintain customer engagement.
  • Paid social media advertising will increase: The opportunities for paid social media advertising will become more numerous in 2015. In response, it’s expected that organic results for standard Facebook content will drop.
  • Direct commerce will become easier: The ability to have a customer buy directly via a mobile payment application will expand, as will the B2C commercial elements of social media platforms.
  • New social media platforms will emerge: New social media venues will appear to challenge those that dominate now. Ello and Yik Yak are two prominent contenders.

How do you think these social media trends will affect your company in 2015?

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