Looking For A Specific Audience? Targeted Marketing Programs Are The Way To Go

targeted marketing, A targeted marketing program could be the key factor that helps you turn your business into an industry leader while attracting the right customers. Targeted marketing programs are just what they sound like, offering ways to “segment” consumers according to various data and create customized marketing materials to appeal to specific groups.

Their benefits are proven. Targeted marketing programs:

  • Garner a higher return on your marketing campaigns
  • Build your authority and boost brand awareness
  • Develop materials that are highly relevant to the consumers you intend to reach, decreasing the likelihood of communication touchpoints being “trashed” – either in an email folder or the trash can
  • Separate you from the competition
  • Minimize pricing as a determining factor, as you’re able to highlight the strong value of your products and services

A marketing program should target consumers based on the data that’s most relevant to your business’ products or services. That kind of information about your customers — and customers-to-be — often falls under these categories:

  • Demographics. This generally includes details about gender, class, race and other categories. For instance, a business that aims to sell its high-end product to educated customers might target married, upper-class men ages 30 and older.
  • Financial. This includes information about purchasing power for various demographics and segmenting customer profiles into income categories.
  • Lifestyle. These factors can include consumers’ type of neighborhood, household data, leisure activities and interests.
  • Market triggers. Data here can range from customers’ triggers for buying, such as birthdays or relocations, to behaviorally motivated triggers, such as spending and purchasing changes.

Taking advantage of targeted marketing programs puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you much more value for your marketing dollars, with the ability to focus those dollars to brand yourself to an audience that is more likely to buy.

With a wealth of information at your fingertips regarding customer information, you can develop targeted marketing programs that boost your ROI every time. If targeted marketing is new to your business, why not put yourself in the hands of the trusted professionals at Halo Programs? Contact us today for more information about our proven turnkey marketing solutions.

Marketing image via Shutterstock