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The Role Of Database Management In Customer Retention And Lead Generation

database management, Halo ProgramsIt would be highly unproductive to develop a marketing campaign to improve customer retention and generate leads without a way to manage your database. That would be kind of like trying to use Google without the web — it just wouldn’t work. Maximizing your marketing efforts goes hand in hand with database management.

A database management program has four essential purposes:

  • It should give you access to critical data.
  • It should segment your customers.
  • It should include relevant data filters.
  • It should offer a central location for your valuable data.

Your marketing efforts are not only based on how well your customer data is organized, but also on how well you can manage incoming leads. A database management system should be able to do both, while:

  • Tracking new leads, alerting you to new customer responses and interactions and acquiring relevant details
  • Tracking existing customers, including communications and previous interactions with your business, such as when they last made a purchase and what they purchased
  • Segmenting, giving you control over data recorded, including customers’ first and last names, addresses, relevant phone numbers, email addresses, transaction information, and personal information such as birthdays
  • Pursuing growth. Your database management efforts, along with marketing programs, should seamlessly grow with your business and maximize your potential for success.

The key to an effective database management system is its ease of use. If it’s confusing or overly complicated, your staff will be less likely to use it.

The web and online technology have brought about the success of many companies, from Google to small businesses. Gone are the days when your Rolodex or stacks of previous invoices served as your database management system. Today’s programs give you ease of use, flexibility and customization, taking database management to the next level.

Why not take advantage of technological advancements that now make database management critical for customer retention and lead generation? Contact Halo Programs today to find out more about our turnkey marketing solutions.

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